Post and Crown? or Implant?

Just after some advice….A bit of background first…When I was about 10 (in1981!!) I broke off half my right front tooth…This was repaired back then with a root canal and a crown (no post). This served me well until I was about 18, when the whole thing broke off at the gum line. I then was given a post and crown….the post was tiny…about 2mm long at most! This lasted for  about 10 years until the tooth became loose and I ended up losing it completely while swimming!! I then ended up with an acrylic partial denture, which I replaced a few years later with a metal partial denture. Yesterday, while eating, the tooth completely snapped off the denture plate!….Luckily I still had  the acrylic one, so have that in now…..I am considering my next options…..Would another post and crown be adequate or should I consider bridging or an implant?? The one thing that makes me concerned about an implant is that I smoke :(!! I wonder if a longer post and crown would work. As far as I know, the roots of the tooth are still okay….Thanks for your advice.

Great question. The determining factor on whether a post and crown would work is the amount of tooth remaining above the gum line. There needs to be at least 2mm to be successful. If there is isn’t enough tooth then an implant would be the best solution.

Your oral hygiene and gum health has a greater impact on whether the implant will succeed that if you smoke or not. Smoking just makes gum disease worse it doesn’t create it. If you have bad gums and smoke, implants will fall out but so will natural teeth.

I wouldn’t recommend a bridge as it will cause too much destruction the teeth next to the space and if one of them fails then three teeth are involved.